Bharatpur Bird Sanctuaries is one of the renowned bird sanctuaries in Asia. It attracts a lot of travelers and tourists from all over the world. The park pitches an environment for even more than 400 species of birds and to other amphibians and mammals. It covers almost an area of 29 square kilometers. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, it is an ideal pick for you. The park has several hotels allocated nearby to make your stay hassle-free and to save your time so that you can enjoy more. Here is the list of best 5 resorts that will offer you the combination of royal Rajasthani culture and luxurious living comfort.

1 A Heritage Haveli

The Heritage Haveli was constructed in 1840, as a symbol of Persian architecture. The Haveli is fully renovated as per modern amenities, the courtyard, the deluxe rooms and the suites with private Jacuzzi. Haveli is designed in the perfect style blend of Contemporary and Luxurious living. What could be the best place to stay other than the 176-year-old Haveli that is designed in Persian style and is renovated to offer you the most experiential stay?

2 Kadam Kunj Resort

Kadam Kunj Resort could make you feel like your second home, during your stay. The welcoming gesture of the hotel staff and the hospitality which they offer make your stay memorable. It is one of the largest in area resort, in Bharatpur and is able to give you the visual treat with its amicable and pastoral views which you can easily see from the window of your room. This is the great choice for your family reunion, corporate conference or any weekend getaway in the lap of nature. The resort has all the facilities available in-house to make your stay more comfortable and hassle-free.

3 The Bagh Hotel, Bharatpur

The Bagh Hotel, Bharatpur is one of the most lavish or palatial resorts. It is built in the 200-year-old garden and within the periphery of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. You can eye many of the species from your room itself. This hotel is a compound of modern luxurious living and nature. The hotel is fully decked-up beautifully with flowers and the amazing shrubs arrangements.

4 The Birder’s Inn

The Birder’s Inn is one of the most beautifully positioned resorts in Bharatpur, it is stationed just next to the entrance of the National park. What could else can morning be alike, when you are waking up from the rhythmic and beautiful chirpings of birds. The birds are attracted to the fruit-loaded trees of the garden of the resort. The evince service and the hospitality offered by the staff ensures you a comfortable and luxurious stay.

5 The Swaraj

Swaraj resort is one of the resorts which is stationed right opposite to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary with luscious greenery, swimming pool, rooftop, and many more amenities. It is the perfect stay destination if you are looking for luxurious facilities at an affordable place. The resort offers concierge services as well, with proper Rajasthani culture and ravishing interiors.