Rajasthan is quite abundant in terms of Forts and Palaces. Rajasthan has played an extensive role in history all of which we have got these many monuments and historical architectures to explore in Rajasthan. Deeg Palace is just 30 km or one hour’s drive away from Bharatpur. If you want to explore the magnificence of Mughal and Rajasthani culture then this is must go a place. This palace was built earlier in 1772 and is designed beautifully with all huge gardens, tanks, arcades, halls and the 6 enormous bhawans these include Suraj Bhawan, Gopal Bhawan, Keshav Bhawan, Kishan Bhawan, Hardev Bhawan, and Nand Bhawan. The masterpiece of all the Bhawans that is whole of the Deeg Palace has a periphery of Gopal Sagar Lake, which enhances the beauty of the Palace to a greater Extent. Deeg Palace is one of the most beautiful water palaces in Rajasthan India.

Every Bhawan of the Palace has its beauty and they all tantalize the attention of every visitor. The entrance of the palace is carved in the shape of 2 lions and the entrance is named on it as Singh Pol. Suraj Bhawan is one of the most exquisite designed Bhawan and is constructed by Surajmal. It has ample of space in the form of Verandah and the beautiful corner rooms. The finest building in Deeg Fort is of Gopal Bhawan, the reflection of water pertained on the ceiling and the walls of the Bhawan which creates sparkling surroundings. The Bhawan comprises 2 summer resorts on waterfront and 2 small pavilions: one is Sawan Bhawan and another is Bhadon Bhawan and they are located on each side of Gopal Bhawan. Keshav Bhawan is another beautifully designed Bhawan with a pavilion that is parallel to the Rup Sagar. The amplification device was formerly arranged to produce the thunder and monsoon effect. Kishan Bhawan has a huge water tank on its terrace which supplies the water to the fountains which are positioned in the garden of the palace.

The garden of Hardev Bhawan is designed on the front in the Mughal charbagh style. The roof of the Bhawan is spiked and has a crown fitted on it in the form of chattri. The Bhawan is allocated in the wake of Suraj Bhawan. The ceiling of Nand Bhawan is crafted with wood at the center of it which makes it different from all other Bhawans in the Deeg palace and it is allocated on the side of the central garden. The exterior of all the Bhawans and the whole Deeg Palace is much fascinating and is appreciated a lot. Bhawan covers a huge area of land encapsulating all the Bhawans, central garden, and Purana Mahal, which is then again as a whole is surrounded by Rup Sagar from one side and Gopal Sagar from another side.

Monsoon is the best season to visit this beautiful historical palace as the city organizes many festivals & fairs and the weather is also good. Winter season is also another best time option to visit as the smoggy environment with moderate sunrays altogether makes it a good choice.