In winters with smoky fog, bright and shiny sunrays, the Bharatpur National Park is one of the most exciting places and a perfect choice for a day out in winters. What else one can expect from the wildlife sanctuary when you can explore it all while walking hand in hand? The land of the forest is a combination of dry and marshy both, the path is covered with trees and the whole of the pathway has small shrubs and grasses on both sides of the way. The sanctuary is quite ideal for ornithologists, the one who studies birds, bird watchers and bird lovers. It is also known as Bird’s Paradise, as it is the home for many migrated and native species of birds. The most colorful, splendid and scenic views can be noticed mostly in winters, as winters are considered as the best time to visit this sanctuary.

The species which you can mostly see during the winter season are Pelican, Sarys crane, Black-necked ibis, bar-headed geese, nightjar, herons, spoonbill, darter dries, Kingfishers, Egrets, Indian Roller, variants of ducks, turtles, spotted dear, nilgais, Jackals, wild boar, Hyenas, Owlet, Painted storks, friendly squirrels and many more. The habitat of the sanctuary is so colorful and beautiful that one can be lost in the beauty of colors as an addition to the rich marshes on which the huge number and variety troops of birds sit, relax and breed. The park is announced as the World Heritage Site and is mostly famous for its feathered dwellers, but it also encapsulates mammals and bit more of amphibians. It is a great site for the nature lovers as the place is the mixture of dry and marshy lands, as a result of which the place is full of colors and the habitat of the sanctuary is so quiet, that you will be amazed. The splash of colors and diversity of the sanctuary makes it suitable for nature and wildlife photographers.

The park is also known as the breeding ground for many of the migrated birds, one of them is Siberian Crane. It was also found from several pieces of research that two-thirds of the Siberian Cranes migrate to India during this season. A collaboration between the Government of India, Government of Russia, International Crane Foundation and Wild Society of Japan was established to save the population of Siberian Cranes. Although the results were not aspiring yes, it gave little rise in the population and in the ecosystem of the park. In case you are planning a day-out for your weekend, during winters then it is the optimum choice to go, as it is just three to four hours of drive away from New Delhi and Jaipur, an hour or one and a half-hour drive away from Mathura and Agra. For your family outing, it is one of the best designations as the kids will be offered the variety of species to encounter while adults can enjoy its serene and tranquilized environment with the beautiful and diversified flowered habitat.